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Welcome to “Skills – Seeds of Knowledge to Instil the Learning of Life Skills”, the premier provider of enrichment programme for young people in Pakistan. Skills was founded to serve the growing need of enrichment education for students of all …

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Lessons that Spark Creativity


Students reach their full potential, become better advocates for their ideas, develop strong persuasion and public speaking skills and ultimately feel empowered to speak well to a variety of audiences.

Performance Arts

Students develop lifelong interest and enjoyment in academic subjects, performing arts and go on to build communities of intellectually curious individuals.

Designing Innovative Campaigns

Students work in teams and design innovative campaigns to bring about a change. They examine environmental, social and spiritual crisis faced by humanity and learn how to become responsible caring and productive citizens.

The Curriculum

“THINK ALOUD – SPEAK IMPROMPTU ” curriculum focuses on creating active learning experiences for young people through self esteem building games, circle impromptu, debates, campaigns & conflict resolution.

It is a comprehensive debating program, covering life skills topics through fun, activity-based lessons that help students develop:

  • Effective Public Speaking

  • Confidence

  • Creative & Critical Thinking

  • Positivity & Integrity

  • Team Work & Time Management

  • Leadership Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

"SKILLS - Seeds of Knowledge to Instil the Leaning of Life Skills"

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